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Get ready for the most dangerous adventure ever with Running Bros! Become a master at jumping and navigate through the beautiful and vibrant world full of mushrooms. Break bricks, defeat enemies by jumping on their heads, and discover useful power-ups as you advance!

Running Bros is an exciting endless runner that offers you enjoyable gameplay and surprising features along the way. There are many types of blocks that you will come across: normal brick blocks, “?” blocks, wooden crate blocks, and blocks that disappear and reappear every time you jump! There is also an arsenal of enemies you will encounter along the way, most of which can be defeated fairly easily. Don’t forget to collect coins and buy power-ups to get a headstart at the beginning of a run!

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How To Play

Press the up arrow key to jump. The longer you hold the up arrow key, the higher your character jumps. Jump up and quickly press the down arrow key to stomp down and break bricks. Avoid enemies or defeat them by jumping on their heads.

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