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Rocket Bot Royale is a great tank battle game where you can fight in awesome cartoon-style wars. You can shoot enemies with your strong gun, but you can also use it to speed up and jump. Try to be the last person standing in amazing matches full of other players.

You start in a chopper and drop into the best spot for you to start the fight. You can jump with your gun and hang from the roof because your tank's tracks stick to the ground. Get guns and extras with gold. To level up, you need to finish all the goals on your list. You can get better guns and perks before the game even starts as you level up. These can include fast fire, shields, extra ammo, and more. You can speed this up with green gems as well.

How To Play

  • A key / left arrow key = move left.
  • D key / right arrow key = move right.
  • Mouse movement = target determination.
  • Left mouse = shoot.
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