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Explore the underground like never before with To The Core! Take control of a small drill and begin by making small dents on the ground. As players progress, they can upgrade their drill into an absolute powerhouse! Do you have what it takes to discover the deepest corner of the earth?

To The Core features extremely simple gameplay. At the beginning, players will have a very weak drill that runs out of oil very quickly. After a few drilling attempts, they can increase their drill power, upgrade their oil tank, and so much more! There are a variety of enhancements for your drill, with some being quite self-explanatory, while others raise more questions than answers. Keep on drilling to generate money and discover them all, and try your best to create the most powerful drill ever with To The Core!

How To Play

  • Move the drill with the A and D keys.
  • Ignite a bomb with the R key.
  • Start over with the spacebar.
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