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Prison Escape Online is a fun multiplayer game where you play as a smart prisoner, and quick thinking and planning are important to escape from prison.

Plunge into the depths of a maximum-security penitentiary, and you are tasked with devising a daring escape strategy either individually or in groups. Every choice you make, from making tools out of trash to tricking guards, can mean the difference between freedom and being locked up. Each playthrough is a new and exciting task because there are many paths to take and obstacles to get past. Your creativity is your best weapon, whether you're sneaking through underground tunnels or making security guards distracted so you can get past them. However, exercise caution, as the prison is teeming with perils and evildoers competing for the same objective. Only the most cunning prisoners will be able to experience the feeling of freedom in Prison Escape Online!

How To Play

Use the mouse or Touch to play!

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