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Become a restaurant manager and show off your planning skills with PlateUp!, a brand-new cooking-management game that will get you on your toes at all times! Serve your piping-hot dishes, design the layout for your restaurant, and keep on playing to unlock cool features!

PlateUp! begins with a series of decisions, including designing the layout for your restaurant. Players begin by deciding where the walls will be and then placing a series of kitchen-related items, such as counters, freezers, and even a table dedicated to Christmas crackers! With PlateUp!, the possibilities are limitless!

How To Play

  • Select items with the arrow keys.
  • Move selected items with the WASD keys.
  • Rotate the selected item with the Q and E keys.
  • Duplicate items with the combination of Ctrl and the D key.
  • Search the appliance with the / key.
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