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Parkour Craft Noob Steve is an action-adventure game that takes players on a thrilling journey through a voxel-based cubic world.

In this game, you will control Noob Steve, a bold and agile character, embarking on a parkour-filled adventure through various challenging environments. The game features a combination of platforming, parkour, and exploration, allowing players to perform epic jumps, wall runs, and other acrobatic moves to overcome obstacles and reach new heights. With a vibrant and engaging open-world setting, you can explore diverse landscapes, including forests, mountains, and urban areas, and master the art of parkour. Along the way, it's possible to collect power-ups, discover hidden secrets, and encounter unique characters. "Parkour Craft Noob Steve" delivers an engaging and visually engaging experience that challenges players to push the limits of their parkour skills in a dynamic world!

How To Play

  • Mouse or right joystick - Look around
  • WASD or left joystick - Space or jump button
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