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Are you ready for the exciting world of Parkour Blockcraft? Every wall in the city will turn into a new obstacle course where you can perform breathtaking feats of agility.

In the game, you can discover a digital city that was made just for parkour. Channel your inner daredevil as you leap between skyscrapers, climb walls, and execute gravity-defying acrobatics against a vivid, blocky metropolis background. With its exact movements and constantly changing levels, the game makes sure that every parkour routine feels like a heart-stopping show. You can show off your athletic skills in every part of the city, from tiny streets to tall buildings. Find secret paths, test your skills, and fight with friends or people from all over the world to become the best BlockCraft parkour master. Put on your virtual parkour shoes and get ready for a blocky urban adventure!

How To Play

Mouse - Look around WASD - Movement Space - Jump.

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