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Take on the role of the boy on his quest to become the best delivery man the world has ever seen with Package Delivery! Your role is to help him get past countless obstacles by jumping or sliding and collecting as many packages as possible in the meantime. Trade these hard-earned packages for additional upgrades and powerups to make your run even more eventful!

Package Delivery! features extremely fast-paced gameplay. The boy always runs forward at a constant speed, and your role is to decide when to jump and slide past obstacles. As you progress, you will come across different obstacles, such as spikes and platforms. In addition, there are also platforms that either slow down or speed up the boy. With the package earned from each run, you can trade them for upgrades, such as a score accelerator or an increase in the time of power-ups!

How To Play

Use the up arrow key to jump up and the down arrow key to slide down.

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