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Odd Bot Out is a simple and relaxing puzzle game in which players help the tiny little robot get to the golden cube in each level. Without you, the robot doesn’t know where to go, and he can’t really utilize the items inside each level very well! As such, it is up to you to guide him to the top of the puzzle-like island in order to complete each level!

If you are looking for something engaging to play and relax about, Odd Bot Out is for you! Simply click and drag on the screen to rotate the island, and click on the ground to direct the robot where to go. Make use of different gimmicks along the way, such as the purple moveable blocks and red car bots!

Help a tiny robot stumble through puzzling worlds. Tap to walk, swipe to turn, and drag elevators to reach the golden cube!

How To Play

Interact with the game using the left mouse button.

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