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Noob: Way Home begins with Noob, whose greatest wish is to return home safely. Unfortunately, he has ventured too far, and the path back to his home is fraught with danger! Take control of Noob, navigate him through a series of perilous obstacles, and reach the end of each level without running out of hearts!

Noob: Way Home features simple and intuitive controls, making it suitable for people of all ages. However, players will soon find out that it is no easy task to lead Noob through obstacles safely, since that requires a high level of aiming and jumping skills! In each level, Noob has to pass through zombies and spikes without touching them and take a leap of faith between platforms. Don’t let all his three hearts run out before arriving at the end of the level, and try your best to help Noob get home safely in Noob: Way Home!

How To Play

Navigate Noob with the arrow keys.


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