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Welcome to the fun world of Noob: Only Up!, where you show off your jumping skills and agility. Enter this world and start your amazing climb now!

This journey starts with a simple rule: always go ahead! Incredible difficulties await you, including several biomes, each bringing its own challenges. Begin in a tiny town full of people, then journey to an abandoned metropolis, explore gigantic mazes, and visit many more intriguing sites. that must be conquered by leaping. To reach a conclusion, you must sometimes demonstrate your intellect. Diamonds are the major currency here, and they also serve as faithful guides. They will assist you in identifying the correct way, avoiding any hazards, and creating ideal paths. There are also leaderboards where you can compete with other players and try to beat their score. Set new time marks and strive to be the best at conquering biomes!

How To Play

  • WASD - Move.
  • Space - Jump.
  • Shift - Run.
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