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Noob is back again with another crazy adventure! This time, in Noob Fuse, he decides to blow up houses to find the diamonds. Place the TNT bombs in the right places, ignite them, and destroy buildings to find the chest full of diamonds in each level!

Noob Fuse is a simple game with graphics similar to the original Minecraft, yet it has quite realistic physics in comparison to the latter. As the game suggests, it is the player's role to set the TNT bombs on fire and destroy buildings of various sizes. Players begin with limited TNT bombs on their hands, along with a flint to ignite them. As you progress, you will earn more diamonds along the way, some of which can be used to trade with a Villager nearby for even more TNT bombs per level.

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How To Play

  • Move around using the WASD or arrow keys, and press the spacebar to jump.
  • Move your mouse to look around, and click the right mouse button to use the items in-game. Scroll the mouse wheel to change items.
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