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Keep the T-Rex running on the road for as long as possible with No Internet Game, a highly addictive endless running game! Take control of the dinosaur, jump past countless obstacles, and keep staying on the road after days and nights!

No Internet Game features simple yet extremely engaging gameplay. As the dinosaur always runs automatically, your role is to notify him when to jump and when to crouch. The road ahead is full of danger, such as cacti bushes and flying pterodactyls, and colliding into these things will certainly hurt a lot! As players progress, the running speed of the dinosaur will pick up, making it more and more challenging to avoid all the obstacles. Put your reflexes to the test and try your best to set the highest score possible with No Internet Game!

How To Play

  • To make T-Rex jump, press the up arrow key.
  • Hold the down arrow key to make him crouch.
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