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Challenge your observation skills and logical thinking with Mushroom Forest Adventure! Explore the secret mushroom forest full of magical moments, find clues to solve interconnected puzzles, and try your best to uncover all 30 hidden green gemstones to complete the game!

Mushroom Forest Adventure features simple controls and puzzles with the right amount of difficulty, making it a great game for people of all ages! Players begin by exploring the forest from top to bottom, during which they may encounter different creatures dwelling inside the forest. Utilize your observational skills and collect different objects to give them, such as nuts and fruits, and maybe they will give you something in kind! Complete the lucky clover and use it to uncover hidden objects more quickly. Based on the clues, try your best to solve puzzles one by one and discover all 30 gemstones to escape the forest successfully!

How To Play

Click to interact with the game.

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