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Murder Case Clue 3D is a thrilling detective game that takes you into a mysterious world. As a new detective, your mission is to solve complex murder cases with sharp thinking and careful observation.

With its cool 3D look and exciting story, the game takes you to crime scenes packed with clues and suspects. Each case is like a puzzle; you have to search for clues, talk to people, and figure out who did it. As you delve deeper into the investigations, you'll need to put together the clues, check alibis, and catch the bad guy before they strike again. The game keeps you hooked with its lifelike settings and exciting challenges. Murder Case Clue 3D is perfect for mystery fans, offering hours of suspense and fun as you crack each case wide open. Ready to solve crimes and test your detective abilities in this game?

How To Play

  • Use WASD to move, slide to change view.
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