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Put your maneuvering skills to the ultimate test with Motor Stunt Simulator 3D! In this game, players take control of a motorcycle and ride their way through a series of exciting tracks full of ramps and unexpected obstacles. Try your best to perform as many crazy stunts as possible for the best score!

If you like adrenaline-filled games, Motor Stunt Simulator 3D is the game you shouldn’t miss! The game features various tracks with completely different obstacle courses, keeping you on your toes at all times! In addition, each level contains a maximum of three stars, which are scattered somewhere on the track. Collect them in order to unlock super cool motorcycles, such as the one that looks like it comes from hell! Challenge your fast reflexes and supreme maneuvering skills with Motor Stunt Simulator 3D, a fast-paced and exciting driving game!

How To Play

Control the motorbike with the WASD keys.


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