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Try out Mirror Wizard if you love a unique puzzle game! In this game, players control a curious wizard who has the ability to teleport to his reflection! Thanks to this, he can quickly move to places that are normally inaccessible in order to collect the blue orbs. With 27 levels available, unleash your creativity and work your brain with this delightful puzzle game!

Mirror Wizard features nostalgic pixel graphics and simple gameplay, making it a great way to pass time. While the wizard can quickly teleport to his reflection, he can only do it when the reflection is not inside a solid wall. In addition, when teleporting to his reflection without any ground below, the wizard will plummet immediately, so take notice of where he will land after teleportation!

How To Play

Use the arrow keys or the WASD keys to control the wizard. Press the spacebar to teleport to his reflection. Press the R key to restart the level.

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