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Miniature Monkey Market is a fun and charming game where you manage a busy market run by tiny, adorable monkeys. You play the role of market manager, guiding your team of monkey vendors as they sell various goods, manage stalls, and serve customers. Your goal is to make the market bigger by attracting more customers, adding new stalls, and earning more money. The bright graphics and fun gameplay make Miniature Monkey Market an enjoyable game for everyone.


  • Adorable Characters: A variety of adorable and charming monkey vendors with unique personalities.
  • Stall Customization: Personalize and upgrade your stalls to attract more customers and increase sales.
  • Engaging Gameplay: To keep the gameplay interesting, a mix of time management and strategy elements is used.
  • Daily Challenges: To earn extra rewards, complete daily tasks and challenges.
  • Participate in seasonal events and special occasions for exclusive items and bonuses.
  • Vibrant Graphics: Colorful and detailed graphics that bring the market to life.
  • Leaderboards: Compete with friends and players from all over the world to see who can build the best market.

How To Play

Movement: Mouse LEFT CLICK. Control your monkey with the mouse. start the game by growing bananas. Buy new products and stalls with the money you have saved.

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