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Get ready for the fastest and most hectic race ever with Mini Kart Rush! Start pressing the gas pedal and rush through numerous opponents! Soar into the sky after going through cliffs, and try your best to be in the first place!

Mini Kart Rush is a simple yet addictive game that has racing as its main theme. However, unlike other car racing games, players are encouraged to crash other cars along the way. With each car crash, the players gain a temporary speed boost. This gives you the chance to advance faster and bump into more cars on your way! In addition, there is nothing more hilarious than seeing the other car get knocked off the racetrack comically. On the other hand, try your best to stay on track for as long as possible, since whenever you fall off the racetrack, your car will be placed at checkpoints.

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How To Play

Drag the mouse button to control the mini-kart. Bump into the opponent to knock them off the track.

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