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Trying to be fit is no easy task, and Melonman is the perfect demonstration of that! Meet Martin, who was once a national sweetheart and charmed every girl he came across. However, after being a couch potato and eating a bunch of unhealthy food, he has become a bit too overweight. Determined, he decided to change his lifestyle and do the cheapest exercise available: running. Oh, wait a minute! It turns out Martin gambled his PS5 with his friends over whether he could get back in shape! Well, you better start running NOW Martin!

Melonman has a hilarious premise and enjoyable gameplay. While it looks like your average endless runner game with multiple obstacles and unlimited running, Martin can actually eat enough healthy food to have a speed boost for a moment. Unlock more tracks once you have reached certain distances in the previous track, and let's see if Martin can get that PS5 back!

How To Play

  • Click to make Martin jump.
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