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Mekoram is a 3D puzzle game full of exciting missions and experiences. So, do you believe you'll be able to finish this challenge?

When the game begins, each participant is given a random meme and must create a hilarious caption in the allotted time. After that, each participant gets 15 seconds to rate these meme creations.

You may play "Normal," "Same Meme," or "Relaxed Meme" modes. Normal mode requires you to write words for a meme and rate others. The meme with the most points is the winner. Each participant in the Same Meme receives the same meme to write for. There is no limit in relaxed mode. You can even switch up your meme.

Useful Tips

When playing the Make it Meme online game, keep the following tips in your mind to have an excellent gaming experience;

  • Think of the wittiest and funny line that suits your meme.
  • Bring your humor out.
  • Try to write the caption within the time limit. If you cannot make the meme in time, your uncompleted meme will be forwarded for voting.
  • That will not get you points.
  • In the voting area, you have to vote for another meme within 15 seconds, so make sure to vote in time.
  • Try not to stall any longer, or you will be kicked out of the lobby.

How To Play

To play Make it Meme, use your mouse to select. Type a funny caption with keyboard keys. If you like a meme, choose the red arrow button to upvote. Select the blue button to downvote. Click the “Meh” button if you don't want to give a score.

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