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Lost in the Woods is an immersive survival adventure game that transports players to a strange woodland overflowing with peril and mystery. This game challenges players to survive and discover mysteries in an unsettling, evocative setting.

You play a character in Lost in the Woods is stranded in a vast and terrifying woodland. The goal is to survive by collecting resources, building equipment, and solving riddles to locate an exit. You must keep their health, hunger, and sanity intact.

Tips and Tricks:

  • To maintain health and hunger levels, prioritize gathering essential resources, such as food and water, early on.
  • To defend against wildlife and explore more effectively, craft basic tools and weapons.
  • Pay attention to environmental cues and sounds to avoid hidden dangers.
  • Explore thoroughly to find hidden items and clues that can aid in solving puzzles.
  • Manage your sanity by staying in well-lit areas and avoiding prolonged exposure to frightening elements.

How To Play

  • A/D to move, W/Space to Jump, S to Drop.
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