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Step up and take responsibility as a hero in Knight Hero Adventure idle RPG! At the beginning of the game, the knight returns to his princess, only to run into the demon king on his way back. Then, the demon king abducts the princess and smashes the knight's magnificent armor and weapon to bits. The knight, determined to regain his strength and save the princess, begins a series of journeys. Aid his noble quest and make him the most powerful hero the world has ever seen.

Knight Hero Adventure idle RPG is the best game for those who love incremental idle games, but with RPG elements. The players begin with little to no armor, weapons, or strength, but with each attempt at battling the enemies, the hero’s level goes up. In addition, different pieces of armor drop with each battle. Try your best to regain the hero’s strength and win against the demon king!

How To Play

  • Click to interact with the elements in the game.
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