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Jump Speedrun will transport you on a dizzying journey. In a frenetic race for speed and precision, jump over and under various obstacles. This is your playground as you walk through a dynamic landscape full of challenges.

Prepare to jump on tables, automobiles, cups, and other items as you go from one place to another. Each leap demands a significant amount of energy, precision, and forethought. The joy comes from being able to do a lot of jumps in a flawless manner in order to reach the summit of the mountain as fast as possible. As you leap from one location to another, you'll encounter various difficulties that will put your parkour talents to the test. The speed and efficiency with which you ascend will define your responses. Let's see how far you can leap.

How To Play

  • WASD - Move.
  • Space - Jump.
  • Shift - Run.
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