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Become the savior of people in need with Healing Driver! In this game, you will have to do two jobs: bring the patients to the hospital with the ambulance truck, and give them suitable treatments as the doctor! Be quick on your feet and try your best to save as many patients as possible!

Healing Driver features simple but fast-paced gameplay. Players will have to take on both roles as the ambulance truck driver and a doctor. First, you will have to drive the truck to take patients on the road to the hospital. Make use of your maneuvering skills to avoid the obstacles and reach the end safely. After that, players can carry the patients to the beds and give them the treatments. Use the money that patients have paid to upgrade the hospital and assist as many people as you can!

How To Play

  • Click on the screen and hold to drive the ambulance truck, and release to stop the truck and pick up patients.
  • Control the doctor by dragging the left mouse button.
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