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Gyro Maze 3D is a captivating arcade game in which players take control of the rolling ball and lead it through a series of round mazes in order to reach the portal! However, you better be quick, since you will lose the game if your ball can’t arrive at the portal before the timer runs out!

Gyro Maze 3D features mesmerizing 3D graphics along with extremely intuitive gameplay. The game is suitable for people of all ages thanks to its element of puzzles, which is not too challenging but still offers the right level of difficulty. To progress through a level, players have to reach the portal before the timer is up. Avoid the dangerous obstacles and unlock a variety of power-ups as you progress! Best of all, you can customize the ball and the background of the maze in Gyro Maze 3D!

How To Play

To take control of the ball, press the WASD keys.

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