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If you are looking for a good horror game full of stealth, suspense, and jump scares, all while trying to piece together the clues, then Granny is the perfect match for you! You are locked inside the house by Granny, a malevolent creature that looks nothing like the endearing grandmas you think of. It is up to you to find your escape route inside the house while avoiding Granny’s clutches!

Granny is a horror game, combined with stealth and puzzle-solving features, that guarantees to give you a good scare! In this game, players are almost defenseless against Granny, and they can only find places to hide while finding the clues for their escape. To make things more difficult, Granny has an uncanny sense of hearing, so any noise you make will alert her immediately. With her creepy voices and horrifying appearance, the sight of Granny will make you shiver any time you play this game!

How To Play

  • WASD or arrow keys: Control the character.
  • “C” key: Toggle on/off crouching.
  • “R” key: Toggle on/off hiding.
  • “E” key: Interact or pick up items..
  • Spacebar: Drop items.
  • “F” key: Remove traps, place, or use items.
  • Left click: Shoot (with a gun) or spray.
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