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Gorilla Adventure is an exhilarating action-packed game that plunges players into a thrilling jungle expedition. As the game begins, you're in a thick jungle, and you play as an explorer trying to rescue animals from bad poachers.

You navigate through the treacherous terrain, swinging from vines, leaping across chasms, and dodging obstacles, all while combating menacing wildlife and cunning poachers. You also have to fight against dangerous animals and tricky poachers. As you play, you'll find helpful things like fruits to boost your energy and gear to protect you.

There are lots of tricky levels in the game, each with its own challenges and enemies. And at the end of each level, there's a big boss battle that tests your skills. With responsive controls and strategic gameplay, Gorilla Adventure is a really fun game where you try to beat the bad guys and save the animals.

How To Play

  • Left click: Stick to a point and drag to move the character.
  • Hold the left mouse button: Hold the sledgehammer to rotate.
  • Release the finger: The character lands on the previous fulcrum.
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