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Prepare for an exciting trip through geometric obstacles in Geometry Dash Lite, an engaging game that puts your timing, reflexes, and tenacity to the test. Every leap, slide, and bounce in this light edition will draw you farther into a world of rhythmic puzzles and geometric patterns, making for an engrossing experience.

In Geometry Dash Lite, you control a simple square-shaped character through a series of levels fraught with obstacles and hazards. The game's objective is deceptively straightforward: navigate your geometric avatar through the treacherous terrain while avoiding spikes, saw blades, and other geometric pitfalls. Each level introduces a new visual theme, from futuristic landscapes to cosmic dimensions, enhancing the immersive experience of the game. So, for you to win, you must finish every level.

How To Play


  • Press the spacebar or an up arrow key or click the left mouse button to jump.
  • Use a Z key to add checkpoints.
  • Press an X key to remove checkpoints.


  • Press on the screen to jump.
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