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Get ready for a juicy and addicting gaming experience with Fruit Merge Reloaded! This game takes the traditional idea of merging and matching to a delicious new level. Enjoy a wonderful puzzle adventure in which you mix, plan, and harvest the most delicious fruits in a vivid and colorful world.

Fruit Merge Reloaded starts with a basic orchard full of various fruits. Your objective is to strategically combine similar fruits to make more valuable ones. Swipe and match fruits on the grid to see how they combine to create larger and better fruits. The aim is to strategically plan your actions to maximize mergers and construct strong combinations. As you go through the game, you will uncover rare and exotic fruits, unlock additional orchards, and earn awards. Fruit Merge Reloaded is the ultimate puzzle experience for people who like a fruity touch on the traditional merging genre.

How To Play

  • Touch and move.
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