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Fears to Fathom puts players in the role of four survivors, each with their own traumatizing story to tell. The game features nostalgic VHS-like graphics along with gripping storylines, which will keep you on your toes at all times!

  • Episode 1: Miles finds himself at home alone while his parents are out for work. Make the right choices and try your best to survive the night!
  • Episode 2: Holly returns home during the night. Due to the never-ending traffic jam, she decides to take a detour and somehow ends up in a motel with unexpected danger lurking in the shadow.
  • Episode 3: Noah gets a job offer to look after the house of a stranger for the weekend, but little does he know that he is about to face the scariest moment of his life…
  • Episode 4: Jack gets transferred to a new outpost, yet nothing can prepare him for the horror he feels about the experience inside the new home. Will you make the right choices?

How To Play

  • Move around with the WASD keys.
  • Look around by moving the mouse cursor.
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