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In Escape From Dinosaurs, you are stranded on an island with no one other than yourself. To make matters worse, it seems like this place is a cradle for the dinosaurs once thought to be extinct, and they are more than ready to hunt you down! To escape this place, there is a pterodactyl on the cliff that can lead you somewhere. Collect the blue planks scattered across the place and make the ladder to reach the pterodactyl!

Escape From Dinosaurs is a simple yet addictive game that requires a boy, controlled by players, to run around the island to collect resources. In this place, the dangerous T-rex frequently patrols the area and will chase after the boy relentlessly. Fortunately, it is fairly easy to outrun them, and there are also different things that hinder them from catching the boy, such as chickens and bombs that slow down the T-rex. Collect the required number of planks as fast as you can to advance to the next level!

How To Play

Drag the mouse button to control the boy. Lead him to the blue planks scattered across the area while avoiding the pursuit of the T-rex.

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