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Manage your own empire with Empire Clicker! From a humble forest with no inhabitants, recruit more people to live in your place and make bustling communities! Choose between facing or negotiating with other creatures, such as the goblins, and keep on having more people until your place becomes a powerful empire!

Empire Clicker features charming graphics and simple gameplay. Just like other clicker games, players can generate as many people as possible by mashing their mouse. However, after having enough people, you can build different structures, such as houses and taverns, to invite even more people over! Keep on expanding your population to unlock a variety of structures. Be strategic about which building to acquire first, since it can affect the passive number of people settling in this place per second. Make a deal with goblins or chase them away. How long will it take you to build castles worthy of your grand empire?

How To Play

Click to recruit more people.

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