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Get ready for some egg-citing fun in Egg Hunt Mania! This game is all about going on an adventure to find and collect colorful eggs. It's super enjoyable, mixing exploration and solving puzzles. You have to discover eggs hidden in different places, each one holding surprises like funny characters and special power-ups. This adds excitement and makes the hunt unpredictable. The game looks cute with charming graphics and a happy soundtrack, making it great for players of any age. With easy controls and a fun idea, Egg Hunt Mania invites players to jump into a joyful world. Every discovery brings a smile, and each egg has cool surprises. Prepare for a really fun time in Egg Hunt Mania!

How To Play

Catch as many eggs as you can with your basket. Sell the eggs in the shop and use the money for upgrades and multipliers to sell eggs faster. Survive the day by catching at least the minimum amount of eggs required.

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