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Easter Battle Guys is a fun game that mixes Easter joy with exciting battles! In this playful adventure, you enter a lively world where cute bunnies and colorful eggs clash in big fights. When an evil force threatens to ruin Easter by stealing all the eggs, it's up to you, one of the Easter Battle Guys, to save the day and bring peace back.

The game is full of excitement, blending strategy, action, and adventure. You gather a team of cute characters, each with their own special powers. From brave bunny knights to sneaky egg ninjas, there's a bunch of characters to pick from, each with their own strengths and weaknesses.

On your journey to save Easter, you'll explore forests, villages, and dungeons and face lots of colorful enemies. From tricky chocolate bunnies to scary egg monsters, you'll need to be smart and skilled to win. Along the way, you'll collect Easter eggs and other goodies that help you upgrade your characters and unlock new powers.

How To Play

  • The red player moves using the WASD keys.
  • The blue player moves using the arrow keys.
  • The one who collects 50 eggs wins.
  • Collect 50 eggs as quickly as possible.
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