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Welcome to Easter Battle Collect Egg, a fun game where you collect Easter eggs in a colorful world full of challenges. You'll explore different places, like meadows, forests, and villages, to find eggs. But watch out for tricky traps and sneaky creatures trying to stop you!

In Easter Battle Collect Egg, you'll solve puzzles and use your quick thinking to gather as many eggs as possible. You'll need to be smart and fast to dodge obstacles like rolling boulders and tricky jumps. Each egg you collect earns you points and unlocks new levels with even more challenges.

With its cheerful graphics and exciting gameplay, Easter Battle Collect Egg is a game that's fun for everyone. So get ready to hop into action and collect some eggs in the Easter Battle Collect Egg!

How To Play

  • The red player moves using the WASD keys.
  • The blue player moves using the arrow keys.
  • Collect the first 10 colored eggs and deliver them to the basket.
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