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dotAGE begins with an impending apocalypse, and it is up to you as the elder of the village to guide others to survive! Take a few people with you, assign them to certain jobs, and build a thriving village that can withstand a series of unfortunate events foretold by the prophecy! Pick your choices carefully, and try your best to survive for as long as possible!

dotAGE is a challenging simulation game in which players will have to make a variety of choices in each turn to ensure the survival of their villagers. This includes assigning people to work on their tasks, such as growing crops, forging tools, building, and so much more! Take care not to have any resources run out, since things can go horribly wrong if that happens! Will you be able to discover the cause behind the apocalypse?

How To Play

Interact with the game using the left mouse button.

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