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Lead a team of snack-worthy baseball players with Doodle Baseball! Originally made to celebrate USA Independence Day in 2019, the game has become a fan’s favorite thanks to its ability to offer hours of fun to players! Do you have what it takes to score the much-wanted home run?

Doodle Baseball features simple and intuitive controls. Players will find it hard to stop playing once they pick it up, thanks to its addictive gameplay. Help tasty players such as The Cobbra and Sluggin’ Sirloin nail their hits every single time by swinging their bats at the best moment! Based on how well you hit the ball, a number of players will be able to run the field. Take note of the pitcher’s hat color, since it is your best clue of what kind of magical ball throwing he is going to pull off!

How To Play

Find the right time and click on the button with your left mouse button to make the player swing his bat.

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