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Get ready for an exhilarating journey that blends the parkour technique with the digital splendor of a virtual circus in Digital Circus: Parkour Game!

Players will be taken to a dynamic and striking metropolis in Digital Circus: Parkour Game, where skyscrapers, roofs, and other urban buildings turn into paintings. Outstanding sketch for Parkour. Every level has been painstakingly created to provide your acrobatics with a visually gorgeous but demanding platform. Your urban mobility will include tightrope walking between buildings, leaps aided by a trampoline, and dynamic circus equipment. Get set for a journey where the city becomes your stage and every leap is a circus performance, whether you're a parkour aficionado or just searching for an entertaining gaming experience. This is the Big Digital Circus!

How To Play

Mouse or right joystick - Look around WASD or left joystick - Movement Space or jump button - Jump Focus Mouse right click on the screen.

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