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Dive into a world of cunning demons, strategic flips, and mind-bending puzzles that will test your skills and wit in Devil Flip!

Devil Flip invites you to navigate a devilish realm filled with colorful tiles and mischievous demons. Your goal is to strategically flip tiles to create paths for the devilish characters to traverse. Demons move in straight lines until they hit an obstacle, and it's up to you to manipulate the tiles to guide them to their destinations. With each level, encounter new challenges, intricate puzzles, and devilish surprises that keep you on your toes. Challenge your strategic thinking as you progress through devilish landscapes, unlock new levels, and encounter unique demon characters. Devil Flip combines brain-teasing puzzles with a devilish charm that will keep you hooked and entertained.

How To Play

  • It is a game played by clicking the left mouse button at the right time and in the right place.
  • If you do not earn enough points, you cannot pass the level.
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