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Welcome to Demon Dash: 7 Levels of Mayhem, an exciting adventure set in the dark underworld where chaos rules. In this game, you become a brave demon hunter. You'll face seven dangerous levels full of scary creatures and tricky traps. With amazing graphics and fun gameplay, Demon Dash takes you to a dangerous world. You have cool weapons and special powers to fight off evil demons. Each level brings new challenges, like tricky mazes and big bosses who want to destroy you.

To win, you need quick reflexes and smart fighting skills. You'll need to be fast and clever to beat your enemies. Along the way, you'll find hidden treasures and secrets that give you new powers. But watch out! One wrong move can mean the end. As you go through each level, things get tougher. You'll need to stay sharp and adapt to survive. Only the best players will become the underworld's champions.

How To Play

Use the keyboard and mouse to play. Keyboard to move and Mouse to aim and shoot.

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