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Go into the colorful world of Color Brain Test Games and see how well you can remember things and how well you can see things. 

In this visually stimulating adventure, you must solve a variety of riddles and brain teasers themed on colors. You have to remember sequences and match colors in each level. As you finish a level, the difficulty rises, testing how well you can remember colors. Every time you solve a puzzle, whether it's a range of colors or a complicated pattern, you feel a rush of happiness. Color Brain Test Games offers hours of addicting fun for players of all ages, with a huge number of levels to beat and an infinite number of puzzles to solve. So, focus your senses and prepare to be immersed in a technicolor adventure where the only limit is your imagination.


  • An engaging brain game that enhances cognitive agility.
  • User-friendly interface accessible from any device.
  • Fiercely competitive with an online leaderboard for high scores.
  • A fun way to test and improve language and color association skills.

How To Play

Use your mouse or touch screen to select 'Yes' or 'No'. Be quick, as time is ticking down - speed of decision-making significantly impacts your score.

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