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Clash To Survival is an exciting game that combines combat and survival elements, immersing players in a harrowing story of post-apocalyptic chaos where survival is the ultimate prize.

Your main goal is to survive as best as possible while gathering resources, weapons, and equipment to fight existing threats. With a combination of exploration, crafting, and strategic combat, players must adapt to the ever-evolving threats and challenges in their environment. From building temporary shelters to forming alliances with survivors, every decision shapes the course of their journey. Clash To Survival offers an immersive gaming experience that tests players' resilience, resourcefulness, and tactical prowess as they try to survive in a world where every encounter can mean life or death. Are you ready to face the dangers of the apocalypse and become the last survivor?

How To Play

  • Movement : WASD
  • Look around: Mouse
  • Use Skills : 1,Q,E, Left Shift
  • Change Weapon : Tab
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