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Charlie and Kittens is an engaging puzzle adventure game that immerses players in an exciting world filled with charming characters and adorable kittens. In this game, players take on the role of Charlie, a kind-hearted adventurer who takes it upon himself to rescue and care for lost kittens scattered across a magical land. The goal is to find and rescue all the kittens at each level, making sure they are safe and happy.


  • Compelling plot: Follow Charlie's journey to rescue and care for lost kittens.
  • Beautiful graphics feature colorful and detailed environments that bring the magical world to life.
  • Diverse puzzles: This includes many puzzles, from simple to complex, to challenge the player's problem-solving skills.
  • Taking care of kittens: Players can nurture rescued kittens by feeding, playing, and caring for them.
  • Collectibles: Offers a variety of items and rewards to collect throughout the game.
  • Many levels: This feature offers a multitude of levels that increase in difficulty and present new challenges.
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