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Block TNT Blast is an exciting and dynamic puzzle game in which players must carefully destroy constructions with TNT blocks. The game starts with a variety of sophisticated buildings made of blocks, and your goal is to deposit TNT in strategic locations to trigger a chain reaction that demolishes the whole structure. 

Gameplay Instructions

Players begin each stage with a set number of TNT blocks. During construction, tap the screen to arrange these TNT blocks in strategic locations. Once placed, ignite the TNT to cause explosions and seek to destroy all of the blocks. The fewer TNT blocks utilized and the faster the building is destroyed, the better your score. 


  • Easy-to-use touch controls allow for accurate TNT placement.
  • Over 100 levels with increasing difficulty and different block structures. 
  • Realistic demolition mechanics provide a thrilling and genuine gaming experience. 
  • Special TNT varieties, such as mega explosions and timed explosives, may help in difficult stages. 
  • Compete with friends and gamers from across the globe for the highest score.
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