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Get ready for the most intense match between the two popular anime, Bleach vs Naruto! Pick your favorite character, play against the CPU or another player, and show off your exceptional fighting skills!

Bleach vs Naruto features a cast of characters from both anime, each with their own special movesets. In addition, players can choose another character to assist them during the battle after having dealt enough damage to the opponent. Master the controls of the game and try your best to take down the opponent in less than one minute!

How To Play

Player 1:

  • Control the character: WASD keys.
  • Guard: S key.
  • Long-range attacks: U key.
  • Melee attack: J key.
  • Special attacks: I key.
  • Jump: K key.
  • Summon assistance: O key.
  • Dash: L key.

Player 2:

  • Control the character: arrow keys.
  • Guard: down arrow key.
  • Long-range attacks: 4 key.
  • Melee attack: 1 key.
  • Special attacks: 5 key.
  • Jump: 2 key.
  • Summon assistance: 6 key.
  • Dash: 3 key.
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