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Backrooms Escape 1 puts players inside the mysterious area called “The Backrooms”. Even though it resembles a normal workplace full of yellow office cubicles, it is by no means easy to navigate through this never-ending maze. Unfortunately, there are also a group of horrifying creatures living in this place who will hunt you down without a second thought! Never stop moving, since they are always on a run to chase after you!

The premise of Backrooms Escape 1 is based on a popular creepypasta story about a hidden place that only those who have "noclipped out of reality" can access. In this game, however, there is a way out for players, but it requires a ladder for them to reach this place. Your mission is to collect all seven planks scattered around the area and escape this place once and for all!

How To Play

Use the WASD keys to move around and interact with the game using the left mouse button.

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