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Get ready for a game full of collaboration and betrayal with Among Us! You and the others are astronauts working in a spaceship, but unbeknown to you, there are Impostors disguised as Crewmates. They won’t stop until all the other members on board are disposed of! Use your deduction skills and work together to single out the Impostors, or outsmart the Crewmates and collaborate with the fellow Impostors to emerge victorious!

Among Us is a thrilling and enjoyable game with interesting premises and simple controls. The game’s design is perfect for playing with friends and strangers online, an important point contributing to its exploding popularity. As a Crewmate, your job is to complete tasks with others while protecting yourself from the Impostors. On the other hand, Impostors can dispose of Crewmates, or sabotage vital components inside the spaceship, which will require immediate attention from the Crewmates. Players can also have emergency meetings to discuss who the Impostor is. Use your wits and bring your side to victory!

How To Play

  • WASD keys: Control the character.
  • Left-mouse click: Interact in the game
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