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Always Only Up! will take you to an incredible universe fashioned in anime style on an exciting trip across limitless cliffs and strange structures. You'll encounter a young girl, the protagonist, with aspirations of reaching the tops of skyscrapers. The courageous girl makes her way through the maze, overcoming architectural marvels and solving obstacles that would halt even the most daring explorers. Use the heroine's abilities to accomplish moves and conquer difficult hurdles. Solve puzzles and explore the towers' strange levels, where you must gather money and climb painted items as high as possible. Incredible sensations and thrilling experiences await you, and your ambition to become an unrivaled climbing master will be realized!

How To Play

  • WASD - Move.
  • Space - Jump.
  • Q - Roll.
  • C - Crouch.
  • Shift - Run.
  • G - Glider.
  • R - Slow Motion.
  • Esc - Menu.
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