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If you love quality number puzzle games and want to find something similar to 2048 yet a bit different, why not give 2048 Ballz a try? This game is heavily inspired by two different games, 2048 and The Suika Game, creating the perfect puzzle game that will become your latest addiction! Merge balls of the same value to create a bigger one, and keep on doing that until you manage to craft the largest ball with the value of 2048!

2048 Ballz features simple yet enjoyable gameplay. Players begin by dropping a ball with a low value to the ground. Once balls of the same value touch one another, they will merge to create a ball with twice the value! Be careful not to get your screen overcrowded and end the game too soon!

How To Play

Click and hold the left mouse button to aim in the dropping direction of the ball, and release it to make the ball fall.

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